The simple Trump boycott extension that makes it easy to be a conscious consumer and keep your money out of Trump’s tiny hands.

Get notified

The plugin contains a list of Trump supporting websites. When you visit one of those websites, you’re notified with an overlay on the page.
Tweet for change

The overlay provides a link to tweet at the owners of the website to voice your concerns. The plugin will never post on your behalf.
Visit alternatives

We researched top competitors of the companies on the boycott list and made sure they weren’t affiliated with Trump.

You always have the option to disable the plugin on any site. Click on the plugin icon in your extension bar to update your settings and prevent the overlay from showing on that site again until you re-enable it.

Don’t Pay Trump does not track your browser activity or store any private information about you. We do use Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage statistics to help improve user experience, but you can opt out at

Please send us feedback and help us keep the plugin up to date. Businesses who drop Trump products and relationships will be removed from the list. Contact us through our page in the Chrome Web Store under the Support tab or at

We can fight back against Trump's harmful policies with our power as consumers. Boycotting businesses affiliated with Trump and affecting their bottom line will cause them to put pressure on his administration or drop his products. Reason, peaceful protest, and common human decency seem to have fallen on deaf ears, but money is a language he understands well.

Hit Trump where it hurts most – his wallet.